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This is the list of things I plan to do in the future. Things will be removed when completed.

:bulletpurple: Gift
:bulletred: Commission
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:bulletblack: Art Trade (Specifically literature in my case)

:bulletred: SwindlexYodana fic for yodana
:bulletred: Skyshadow and Mary fic for FanGirlMary
:bulletred: TFP/TFA crossover for ZeeNovos
:bulletpurple: Gift for techdragon00
:bulletpurple: RungxFlamey fic for FlameFatalis
:bulletpurple: Knockout fic for Zap-Zap-Forever
:bulletpurple: Dreadwing fic for Veloceryx
:bulletpurple: Blaster fic for G1Blasterplz
:bulletpurple: TFA Starscream fic for SkylerFarrier
:bulletpurple: Jazz fic for HeatherKF
:bulletpurple: Prowl fic for Cybernetic-Fangs
:bulletpurple: Gift for Starlight-Syndicate
:bulletpurple: Gift for Dogi-Crimson


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Beautiful minds are found in the strangest of places. Today, I found one wandering about in a place where most beautiful minds are found: the library.

The day had gone from bad to worse. One argument, one robbery, one piece of startling news. By the time my second period of freedom came, I was inches from tears and ready to end my day. I was fifty five minutes away from the freedom of home, and the promise of no teachers or schoolwork the next day. I moodily shuffled over to a table in the nook of the library and sat down at the table to list the various tasks I had to complete over the course of the next few days.

Hannah, a dear friend, called me over. She appeared to be stamping books. For what, I did not yet know.

"If you have some free time, could you help me stamp these books?"

I politely refused, saying that I had other engagements, and returned to my table. However, said engagement quickly was finished, and I returned to the table with the girl and her enormous stack of books.

"What are you stamping these for?" I inquired.

"Oh, these are discarded books. These books are too old for the library now, and if the teachers don't want them, we put them over there." She gestured to a cart in the corner, where a good number of the rejects had accumulated.

I sat down at the table and commandeered the stamp, ready for my first task. After the first log was ripped from the withered book, I mechanically pressed the letters into the yellowed paper. I pulled back, reviewing my work. In bloody, ominous letters, the stamp left "DISCARDED". I thought briefly of The Scarlet Letter.

"I feel like I've just condemned a book to death," I murmured, receiving the next book. Hannah just gave a tinkling laugh.

I still do not know if she understood.

Another old friend came to join us at our table, Courtney. She, too, was free for the period. Not a moment later, she was also tearing logs from the pages so that I could leave the damning mark. With my anger forgotten and my tears dried, I mindlessly toiled. DISCARDED. DISCARDED. DISCARDED. Courtney said something, but I did not hear. DISCARDED. DISCARDED.

My dutiful haze lifted as I noticed the title of a particular book, faded with age. Sons of Odin. I had always been fascinated with Norse mythology; naturally, I was interested in this exiled book.

"Do you think they'd let me have this?"

"I don't know," answered Hannah. "You'd have to ask Carter first."

"Who's Carter?" Who was this person from whom I'd seek permission? I'd never known a library official with that name.

"Oh, he's over there." Hannah gestured again to the island of misfits, the cart of condemnation, where a boy was lurking. He was kneeling by the cart and was rummaging through it, seeming to search for something. He wore a rather unkempt camouflage jacket, causing me to unconsciously wince. Oh, joy, a hunter. He was probably looking for books to burn in a bonfire, or something of that ilk. Nevertheless, I shoved the prejudice aside and came forward.

"Are you Carter?"

Confused, bluish eyes looked my way, brunette hair brushing just over them. "Yes."

"Are you interested in this book?" I asked, offering it to him. A strange light entered his eyes, and he nodded.


He then showed me the cart, and the unknown treasures it held. He seemed to take a particular interest in mythology and took books of that genre whenever he could find them. I showed him what we were doing at the round table, and the light in his eyes only intensified.

"Can I help?" he asked eagerly.

With such a wistful look, we could not refuse.

Carter sat down to the right of me. He joined Hannah and Courtney in their efforts to rip the logs, giving the books to me to stamp with the horrible message.

"I feel like I've condemned a book to death," I repeated, posthumously sending Voltaire to prison. Carter nodded.

He understood.

"Carter comes here all the time," Hannah explained. "He likes to pick books off of the discarded cart before we send them out to teachers or throw them away." I swore I saw Carter wince.

"This must be really painful for you, hm?" I asked the peculiar boy.

"Yeah... I love collecting books. I love the way they look, and the way they smell..." He sighed heavily.

I saw the light.

"You really want to rescue these books, don't you?"

"Yeah. I don't want these to be thrown away. There's nothing wrong with these books. I love to read."

"That's a rarity amongst your age group," I muttered as I gave twenty German poets the death sentence. "Not many people want to read, especially not these books."

Carter was in a world I could not similarly enter. He was in complete bliss, finding copies of tales he had never heard before. Very soon, a foot-high stack of adopted stories formed next to him, rivaling the tall stack of books on our death row.

I asked him for his full name, and I gave him mine. We spent the rest of the day with Courtney and Hannah, even after the latter went home, stamping books and admiring their aged beauty. We explored The Odyssey and gazed upon the glory of Beowulf, even when the dreaded red mark fell upon them.

Carter stood up to leave, with only a few books left to complete. He said his goodbyes and gathered his rescued companions, bringing them to the front desk. The librarian smiled knowingly and gave her assent, and he left without another word.

Silently, I asked Carter for my forgiveness, and silently chastised myself. Beautiful minds can sometimes forget that other beautiful minds do exist outside of the honor roll, or classes of a higher level. Even beautiful minds must be reminded of that light at the heart of all creation that separates humankind from all else. He has rekindled a light and a hope in me for the world whose light has faded for reading, love, and life.

Humanity begins with Carter.
This is actually a true story, despite the fact that some dialogue here is paraphrased. I was inspired by this lovely human being I met in the library.

For Carter, who I sorely misjudged. One who loves books so much should be honored in writing.
A 12 month Premium from an anonymous deviant? But what did I do to deserve that?!

Whoever that anonymous deviant was, you are too kind, and thank you.
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I suppose things have calmed down enough on my end. I apologize for leaving you all in the dark. I'll just cut right to the chase.

In the period of the last two weeks, I've had three panic attacks, and cried almost every day. My mental health was deteriorating before my eyes. There was too much potential for drama here, so I didn't want to face it until I had calmed down and had a voice of reason in my head again. I won't go into detail, but I don't want any of you to worry. I am not hurt, and I am fine now.

I apologize... a lot of you need me sometimes. I'm sorry that I couldn't be there properly for the ones who needed me most. I just needed a break before something really bad happened to my head.

My mind is stabilized for the time being, and whatever madness has gone on has resolved itself. I will return to my activity here, and get to some overdue replies and favorites.

I'm very sorry, everybody. Really, I am.
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I just cleared out my inbox. Things have been piling up for months, but it's finally all clean. I cleaned it out for the purpose of not being overwhelmed when I come back to it.

I'm going to be taking a hiatus of sorts. I'd rather not go into it, but this week has pushed me to my limits. I'm not sure how much more my heart can take coming online here. It's too much. I need to focus more on my schoolwork and bettering my mental health.

My hiatus will not be complete. For those I have entrusted with my Skype, I will continue to contact you. Those are few and far between, mind you. My Tumblr will continue to be active, but I may be a bit irregular. For those of you who do not possess a Skype but want to continue contacting me, I will periodically check my notes. Roleplays may also continue, but they will be slow.

I am very sorry, friends. I am doing this for health's sake, and for health's sake alone. I will come back fully when things brighten.

TL;DR: Due to increasing levels of anxiety, I will be a bit quiet and selective for a while. I know you guys will understand. Thank you, and I apologize.
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A 12 month Premium from an anonymous deviant? But what did I do to deserve that?!

Whoever that anonymous deviant was, you are too kind, and thank you.
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Gosh, I've been inactive... I'm sorry everybody. 

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